Course Details of Website Design & Development

Web Design & Development Internship

Web Development is the process of creating the complete appearance of a website. A web designer is the one who defines everything about a website. It is a process of organizing the layout, colour, text style, image graphics and content of a website in a way. Today, the biggest role in advancing any company or business in the digital world is that of a website.

Through this, you can tell people about yourself. At a time when Internet is available with everyone and people use search engines for any information. So, there is a huge possibility of career or job in the field of web designing. If we talk about the current web designers, then they are working on a good salary. So, let’s get to know about it a little deeper.

  • Career in web Development

If you talk about a career in the field of web designing, then after completing its course, you can get a comfortable job in any web designing company. If you want, you can also open a freelance company of your own. There are thousands of companies in India that hire web designer for front end and back end development projects. Apart from this, you can earn a lot more money by creating a website of your own.

1. Front end developer – Also known as Client-side development in this area, is the practice of producing HTML, CSS and JavaScript for a website or application so that a user can directly see and interact with them.

2. Back end developer – You can also call it a programmer, its job is to create back end and core communication logic of website, software or information system. It creates developer component and features that are indirectly accessed by the user through the front-end application or system.

Apart from this, there are many more golden careers options like Graphic design, Logo design, Multimedia design. Overall, if you have good knowledge in this field, then you have a lot of potential in it.

  • Jobs in web designing

There are lots of job opportunities in this field. Everyday new companies open, which makes it clear that there are many job opportunities available in this field. The most prominent job for web designers is given below.

Web Developer is one of the most prominent jobs in this field. One task is to design such a website, which is not only easy to use but also gives a good look. A lot of work is covered under this.

Front-End designer which creates HTML, CSS and presentational JavaScript code, by which a user interface is created.

UX Designers focus mostly on studies and research. Under this, it is seen how people use a website.

Visual Designer and UI Designer who pay more attention to the design and beauty of a website. Their work is mostly of designing.