Course Details of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Internship

The Digital Marketing Training by Ask me digital solution is a 12-weeks is 90% practical training program because skills is what you require nowadays. In this training, you learn Digital Solution using web analytics, email marketing, SEO, search engine marketing, advertising and social media marketing.Start your carreer with great hands on learning experience, this training program is packed with assignments and exercises. As part of the training, you will create a blog and design a complete online marketing strategy for it. During the project, you will learn Digital Solution strategies required for a business. You will be providing a lifetime support after the course

Topics covered in Digital Marketing:

If you take training of digital marketing once, then you will know that it has many benefits: 

1. Start your own business

If you have good writing ability, then you can start your blogging website by taking training in digital marketing. In the event that you as of now sell your product or service, you can spread your work worldwide through e-commerce website.

2. Become an SEO Executive

The activity of SEO leader is to improve the positioning of website through natural traffic. For this, the search engine like google, Bing etc. to the website through keyword research, link building and rich content to seo executive. But it has to be brought up.

3. Become a Social Media Marketer

Social media marketer’s job is to market products and services through social media. You need to see how people are taking the brand and what reaction is being gotten. Best of all, there is no shortage of social media platforms these days. There are numerous sources like Facebook, Twitter YouTube, Instagram and so forth that we use in every day. Its purpose is to attract customer attention. Online marketing is also benefiting a lot from this.

4. Email Marketer

Marketing in which a product and service is promoted by email notifications to the customer is called email marketing. The job of an email marketer is to increase the curiosity of the customer by sending emails, which is about a product and service. The email marketer should keep in mind that the content is of high quality for the email campaign.

5. Become Mobile Marketer

Nowadays, almost everyone uses mobile phones. The mobile marketer contacts the client according to their nature and requirements. So that the customer can know what kind of product they are keen on and then advertise the product according to their needs.

6. Become a Content Writer

Content writers have to create high quality content for websites, emails, online advertising and social media platforms. So an ever increasing number of people show interest in the product and service they are interested about and purchase.